If you ask Matty Healy, he'll tell you “I haven’t been social for a year." If you ask the band's unofficial fifth member, Dirty Hit (their label) manager/co-owner Jamie Oborne, he'd say “You haven’t been social since I met you.”

The 1975 frontman is known for being analytical — both of the outside world and himself — and since getting sober last year, the singer has found himself becoming even more introverted.

During a recent interview with Vulture, the 29-year-old discussed the band's upcoming third studio albumA Brief Inquiry Into Online Relationships.

"It’s not opinionated. It’s stuff that’s happened. It’s what I was worried about," he stated when asked about the origin of the politically charged "Love It If We Made It." "A combination of not being able to focus on one thing, and talking about my drug addiction, interspersed with the world, then me, then the world. I’ve always been staring death in the face. Always an existentialist, a nihilist."

He then added an interesting detail: "I just wanna have a baby now. Then I’ll stop doing that."

When asked if he wants to have a baby now, Healy backpedaled a bit, talking about it as if it were a fantasy. "I’m too busy, but do you ever think that sometimes?" he asked back. "God! Well, at least then me will go away! I’d like to become a vessel for somebody else’s happiness. That’s where I get meaning in life. I make music; it makes people happy. I find everything else a bit hard. I love my girlfriend."

Although we may not be getting Matty Healy Jr. anytime soon, we will be getting his musical baby, A Brief Inquiry, on Friday (November 30).


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