The Voice will be pulling "double" duty in 2024 — double chairs, that is.

A social media post from the NBC reality singing show shared the announcement, showing a graphic of what the special chair will look like. At the bottom of the double seat, the banner that usually reads "I Want You" on the regular coaches' chairs reads "We Want You" instead.

All the details point to a coaching duo in The Voice's future — though the post didn't give away any details about exactly which celebrity duo might be coming to the show next year. A caption on the post did, however, hint that the names involved will be "epic."

"Incoming: 2024 Coaches!!! double chair!!! epic lineup!!! stay tuned!!!" the caption reads.

The new development won't affect The Voice's upcoming 24th season, since that new season will air in 2023 — not 2024 — and the coaching lineup has already been set. Reba McEntire is taking Blake Shelton's place this time around, and she'll be joined by returning coaches Niall Horan, John Legend and Gwen Stefani.

It's anybody's guess who the "double coaches" booked for Season 25 might be. Of course, one possibility is that Shelton will make a return to the show as a double coach with his wife, since he and Stefani originally met while both were coaches on a previous season of the Voice. But the chances of that seem slim, as Shelton has made it pretty clear that he's looking forward to an extended break in order to spend time with his family.

He did previously say that he'd consider a return if he could be a mentor to Team Gwen. Since it typically only takes place during one episode, the mentor gig isn't anywhere near as much of a commitment as a full season on the show.

Fans will have plenty of time to speculate about the lineup shift on The Voice. Before 2024 arrives, there will be a full new season of the show, which airs this fall.

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