A few weeks ago while driving the kids home from school on Highway 12 near South Mitchell Drive, I saw a dog standing smack in the middle of the right lane on the highway. Cars were swerving to miss him. I slowed down, pulled off onto the shoulder and turned on my hazard lights.

I could see the dog in my rearview mirror, chasing after my car. But he was still running in the middle of the right lane with cars fast approaching behind him.

I was on the side of traffic, so I told my son Jackson, who is 13, to jump out and call him. The goal was to get him off the highway before he got hit!

Mission accomplished! Jackson called the dog, who ran straight up to him. Then the dog proceeded to jump right into my car! He licked my hair and without missing a beat hopped in the backseat, sat next to my daughter, Shaylee, and started licking her face and hair.

I immediately told the kids that no, we were not keeping him. He belongs to someone.

We drove him to the Yakima Humane Society, where they checked him for a microchip. He had one! They said they would contact his owners.

I thought our story had a happy ending until one of my friends shared the Yakima Humane Society's Facebook page, which included pictures of adoptable dogs. Guess whose picture I saw staring back at me? Yep, the dog we rescued from Highway 12.

This made my heart sink. I didn't save this dog from being hit only to sentence him to death at the Yakima Humane Society!

If we had a fenced yard I would be at the Yakima Humane Society adopting him myself! He's a big lover who deserves his forever home.

The Humane Society gave him the name Axel. Please, help Axel find his forever home.

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