How sweet it must be to live life as an A-List Hollywood celebrity!

Oscar Swag Bags
Getty Images/Robin Marchant

You get invites to all the coolest Oscar after parties and you get to take home a swag bag, valued at over $100,000!

Imagine my surprise and glee to find out that a delicious Washington State product was included in this year's Oscars swag bag!

Have you heard of "non-browning apples"? Grown on an Eastern Washington orchard in Prescott, WA, (about a two-hour drive from Yakima), Opal apples are nurtured, picked and packed by Broetje Orchards.

Oscar nominees each received a sample pack of six of these apples in their swag bag, so hopefully, at least one of these celebs will either venture out to Washington State to visit the orchards or perhaps order more. Whatever it takes to get the eastern part of the state on the map, I'm down with it!

It makes me beam with pride that products from the Pacific Northwest get great exposure and representation at some of Hollywood's biggest events!

CORRECTION:  Opal apples are naturally non-browning apples, and from what I've heard, they are amazing!  While some "non-browning apples" are genetically modified, the Opal apple variety grown at Broetje Orchards is not. This article has been updated to reflect the accurate information.

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