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As much as everybody loves Halloween, the morning after can leave even the best of us feeling like ... well, a zombie.

So to keep your spirits pumping all through the next day, you might want to consider picking up a few preparations now.

Let's start with your appearance. Costumes were fun at work on Halloween -- but when the party's over, they're just not. Make sure you leave no trace of All Hallows Eve when you clock in. Maybe try something like this:

All right. Your face looks a little more like you again, but is it hiding some inner turmoil? Are you haunted by that last concoction someone brewed up for you last night? Let's fix you up with a pick-me-up. Mmm -- now that's a pretty color ...

There. NOW you're ready to be a productive employee. Why not celebrate by pulling out the good stuff -- you know, the stash of candy you hid from all the kids Halloween night. Bite into one of these and you'll be ready for anything the boss can throw your way today.

Muuuuch better. Maybe we should have Halloween more often!

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