She oozed confidence on "Over My Skin," and she embodied self-empowerment on "Teach You," but Tiffany Young is ready for something a little more chill—and intimate—this holiday season.

On Friday (Nov. 30), the pop star and K-pop idol (famously of Girls' Generation) treated fans to "Peppermint," her surprise, sugar-sweet new Christmas single.

Young is, quite literally, "sweet and cool" on the chilled out ode to getting it on during the holidays:

"Red, green, red, green
You’ve been waiting to unwrap me, wrap me
In you arms is where I'm happy, happy
Underneath these lights
So red, green, red, green"

"It’s a sweet & cool Christmas track for everyone who wants to chill, relax, stay in & curl up by the fireplace," the artist shared in a press release.

Production-wise, the track swerves a bit from the funky dance-pop production of Young's most recent solo singles, dipping instead into a sultry R&B vibe. It's a delicious slow jam with a minty-fresh aftertaste that lingers like the afterglow of a fireside fling.

Listen to the naughty and nice "Peppermint," below:

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