If you're on TikTok, then you know it's a whole world of its own filled with young, talented influencers taking over the internet one viral video at a time.

It turns out, a lot of these TikTokers are getting into relationships with one another. Last week, Bryce Hall and Addison Rae seemingly confirmed their romance with a kiss in a PDA-filled video. However, Hall later said he's "not dating" her.

Despite denying his relationship with Rae, Seventeen pointed out that the pair got flirty in the comments section of his latest photo before they were spotted holding hands in public over the weekend. So, what gives? Are they or aren't they together?

It's still unclear, but on July 27, Rae opened up about her dating life on a new podcast episode of Mama Knows Best, in which she dishes on what she looks for in a guy (passion and positivity!) and what turns her off (bad breath!).

The 19-year-old also shared her thoughts on dating in Los Angeles, how things have changed since becoming famous and how she spots the fakes just looking to use her for her fame.

"It definitely has changed, there are some people who just want to use me or get something from me," she explained. "They’re looking to gain something from talking to me, being with me, hanging out with me. It’s something I’m now well aware of."

Rae added, "I take that into consideration and I’m like, does this person actually care about me or actually like me for who I am? Or are they just seeing a number and they’re attracted to that? And it’s a very fine line."

Listen to the full podcast, below.

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