Here are a few tips to help you get through at 10 a.m. today and HOPEFULLY (cross your fingers, toes and knees) score a pair of tickets!

Thousands of people will be sitting in front of a bunch of computers, laptops and cellphones at exactly 10 a.m. Tuesday, all with high hopes of scoring the holy grail of tickets: the Seattle Seahawks' divisional round playoff game. It is always depressing for some of the truest Seahawks fans because a.) They cannot afford to buy tickets; and b.) They know from personal experience that it is next to impossible to get through on Ticketmaster because tickets for something as big as this will definitely sell out within seconds.

KEEP IN MIND: Many ticket scalpers use dozens of different computers at the same time to buy hundreds of tickets in the first few seconds of a sale, so if that’s why you’re not getting tickets, blame them! Also, some people are able to get tickets that were “sold out in minutes,” about an hour after the on-sale time, because of rejected credit cards! I have gathered these tips from different sources on the internet, so good luck!



  • uses the time that is set from the website Sync your time accordingly!
  • Set up your Ticketmaster account ahead of time, and make sure all your billing and payment information is already stored.
  • Sign in before the event goes on sale.
  • Never refresh the page! It puts you at the end of the line!
  • Use only one browser window or you risk losing your tickets! Ticketmaster will bar multiple windows.
  • You can use more than one computer.
  • Search for "Best Available," which searches all sections fast - it's quicker than searching sections one at a time.

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