It happens to all men at some point in their lives - that one special girl who makes your heart sing, the one girl that has been their best buddy through the years, the one girl that you seem to have all the right chemistry with, the one girl that you want to spend the rest of your life with. Right before you get ready confess your undying love for that special girl, let's make sure that you've read the signs correctly. Here is a list that I've compiled around from our office gals on the Top 5 Signs that you are in the friend zone!

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    She Talks About Her True Love All The Time

    Your first tip is that if she talks about other men freely all the time in front of you, sadly, 1st class ticket to the friend zone! If she continually name drops or talks about all the other men in her life. Welcome to the friend zone...get used to it. it's going to be a bumpy ride. I remember as a young naive man, I once thought the girl was just trying to make me jealous... boy, was I wrong.

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    You invite her out, She accepts ...BUT!

    Your next tip that you are in the friend's zone? You finally got the courage to ask her out a gulp in your throat - palms sweaty, quivering voice, She accepts ... you are SO in (or so you think). BUT, she invites her friends along and you think you are a big winner, sadly the truth comes out as she places her friends in between you and her. You think she's just not being rude to her friends, but the real reason? Yep ... welcome to the friend zone!

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    She Tries To Set You Up With Other Women

    I remember during the dating years, this one girl that I wanted to date tried to set me up with another girl. Someone who wasn't even close to a good match to me. I was insulted for a brief moment and couldn't fathom why on earth she was trying to hook me but then I realized .. .she just dropped me into the "Friend Zone"!

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    The "Infamous" Side Hug

    As a guy, there is nothing like getting a hug from that girl you want to make the future "Mrs. YOU" ... until she SIDE hugs you?? That sends an instant message to your brain (and other areas of the body) that thanks BUT no thanks signal. If this happens to you, keep searching!

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    That Time Of The Month...Forever!

    As a young man when you start dating, you have so much to learn about women. I remember asking a girl 'not' appropriate things when I was younger and she responded with " it's that time of the month or I would..sorry". I do realize that "time" does come monthly but it was odd that her cycle was never ending. It took me years to realize that she just wasn't interested in me and I was stuck in the friend zone - forever, and ever, and ever...