If you want to know what's going on in the world, TikTok is where it's at.

You can find out what is on the minds of the youth and increasingly adults, too. It's the young ones who can keep it real with you. They let you know exactly what they are thinking without any filters and sometimes that can be an emotionally painful experience or it can keep you cracking up laughing. Speaking of cracking, that is part of one the most cruel nicknames I've heard to describe Yakima.

Check Out These Top 5 Cruel Nicknames Kids on TikTok Are Calling Yakima:

1. Yakistan

Similar to the country of Pakistan, Yakima is surrounded by bushy desert land. The surrounding hills give the Yakima Training Center a great place to let our troops practice battling on the field in desolate conditions. Since I didn't grow up here in the Valley, it could be called that for a totally different reason. I guess I would ask a further probing question, why DO people call Yakima "Yakistan" and why doesn't that sound like it's supposed to be a good thing? They do have a great soccer team, after all, and great dancers, actors, and comedians!


2. Crackima

Okay, we will agree to agree, there is a rampant drug trafficking problem in the Yakima area, but you could say the same thing for a LOT of other cities, too. When I first moved to Yakima, I had been told that it was the #1 place in Washington state to find crack. Well, as Whitney Houston used to say: Crack is wack! (Shout out to Tyrone Biggums!)


3. Yakompton

I get it, Yakompton is a play on the city of Compton, California, which is notorious for gangs and random street violence. I'll have you know they call the city of Spokane "Spokompton", which is cruel to both cities! Hey, Compton may be scary to some, but it's the home of Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Easy E., DJ Quick, Coolio, and many more.


4. iCarly's Grandad's Town

Grandad Shay lives in Yakima and he was trying to get iCarly to move there. The famous line from episode five of Season 1, "I Wanna Stay with Spencer", is: "YAKIMA? I AIN'T GOING TO YAKIMA!" and "The sweet smell of Yakima!"


5. Idaho Part 2

I'll let you figure this one out for yourself. I could say some stuff about it but I'm just gonna hush.

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