I may only be 18, but my sister just turned 21 last Saturday. So, lately I've been hearing "This will cure your hangover..." or "If you get a hangover, do this". With that said, I've come up with the top five things that will "cure" your hangover.

5) Greasy Food: From what I have heard, you should actually eat greasy and starchy foods before you down all those shots and chug those beers. The foods included in this are things like burgers, fries or pasta.

4) Exercise: This one, I've heard quite a few times. The "Sweat it Out" Theory has been used a lot around my family. I wouldn't know if its true or not, but it could help by passing the time.

3) Coffee: I was actually surprised not to hear this one a lot. I've seen a few movies include the "coffee helps hangovers" but apparently not many think so in real life. Maybe the caffeine just keeps you awake.

2) Water and Sports Drinks: Most of us know that alcohol dehydrates you. With that said, I've heard most say that you just need to keep hydrated before, during and after you go out and drink.

1) Know Your Limit: The most common "cure" for getting a hangover I heard last Saturday was to either know your limit and not drink at all. If you don't drink, you wont get a hangover. And if you know your drinking limit, you wont have as bad as one.

If you have any additions to this list please comment.