No doubt that, by now, you've started hearing new words coming from the mouths of teens and pre-teens. Just like words of yester-year like saying things were "tight" (meaning 'I approve'), "radical" (again, meaning 'I approve') and various others through the decades, I thought it'd help to post a few I've already heard and what they mean, just in case you can't understand what they're talking about.

You'll notice that this is the year of abbreviated words. This is nothing new. Plenty of words have already been abbreviated like "congrats," and "vaca," but here are some new ones to watch out for.

Totes - Totally.

Adorbs - Adorable.

Ridic - Ridiculous.

Amaze or Amazeballs - Amazing

Cray or Cray-Cray - Crazy, in the adjective sense ("That party was cray-cray.")

Jelly - Jealous, but in a playful sense. ("You're going to the beach? I'm so jelly.")

Obvi - Obvious.

Happy Pappy - a good pap smear.

I know there are plenty of others and, when I run across those, I'll add them to the list. Much like the pop culture words of any generation, these will, most likely, be a fad so let it run its course. If you want to speed up the process, here's what you can do. Start using these words, yourself. Your children will see how ridiculous you sound when you say them, thus, rendering them of their hip-factor.

What else have you heard recently? Add them to the comments below.

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