Troye Sivan put an interviewer on blast after they asked him whether he’s a top or bottom.

The singer sat down for an interview for the latest issue of LGBTQ+ New Zealand magazine express, in which he was asked a number of questions, such as what he's watching on Netflix, if he's a Will & Grace fan, and whether he follows any "Instagram thirst-traps." Sounds innocent enough, right? Yes... until things got uncomfortable.

The reporter, Matt Fistonich, also asked Sivan if things ever got "steamy" with his celebrity crush Shawn Mendes, how he met his boyfriend Jacob Bixenman and whether he'd give him a "hall pass” to hook up with the singer.

He then asked the 24-year-old a series of rapid-fire questions, which included "Apple or Samsung" and "Ariana [Grande] or Taylor [Swift]" and finally "Top or bottom?" to which Sivan replied, "Ooo... definitely passing!"

The internet caught wind of the interview and after a social media user pointed out that asking about the pop star's preferred sexual position is crossing the line, Sivan agreed via Twitter.

"I thought about asking the interviewer about his absolute fave sex position after that last question, but then I remembered how wildly invasive, strange and inappropriate that would be. Didn’t stop him though!" he wrote.

"I speak about sex in my music on my terms, when I’m in control, and writing music that is going to be close to my heart forever," Sivan continued after revealing his next alum is about love. "That does not open the flood gates + give anyone a pass on basic manners and allow them to ask about the ins and outs of what I do in bed."

"I highly doubt anyone would ask any of my straight peers explicit questions about who does what to who in their relationship, no matter the content of their music," he added in another tweet. "I don’t think artists should have to expect to be asked about that when they show up to work in the morning."

"There’s no shame in anal sex or any kind of sex," Sivan clarified. "I just don’t want to talk about it over the phone to a complete stranger."

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