"Never been to Tokyo-oh-oh?" No problem—sister-brother pop duo TRUITT have got your ticket covered.

The Nashville-based sibling pair (comprised of songwriter Brett and singer Brigetta) delivers lush, melodic wanderlust on their latest release, "Tokyo." Premiering exclusively on PopCrush, the Light House-produced bop is a dreamy, instantly infectious ode to trying new things and moving past your comfort zone.

"We keep playing it safe / 'Cause we’re too scared to ruin this / Staring at each other’s faces / Like we speak different languages," Brigetta coos in her saccharine tone over a plush, throbbing beat and a flurry of warm synths.

"'Tokyo' is a representation of an exotic and vibrant experience you could share with someone, but being overwhelmed with logistics," the band shares. "We had a few different versions of the track, but when we heard Light House's interpretation of it, the song came to life and gave us that euphoric feeling we wanted people to feel when we wrote the lyrics."

Listen below:

"Tokyo" is out now via Orange label.

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