This is the first I've seen of these variations of a classic holiday treat. Let's see if pumpkin spice and caramel apple were good ideas for these guys.

Keep in mind I'm not a big fan of Peeps to begin with.

First I try the pumpkin spice flavored peeps. Believe it or not, they're not bad. They're not great by any stretch of the imagination, but edible in small doses. I know the pumpkin spice flavor is played out this time of year, but it sells. What can I say, I have to admit I'm even a fan of this flavor but mostly in baked items, not so much in candy.

On to the caramel apple Peeps. These are green apple-flavored peeps with salted caramel-flavored fudge.
That's right, they couldn't even just use caramel, it's caramel-flavored fudge. Oh well. As it turns out, as much as I thought I'd like this flavor combination, it didn't work for me. It may be different if it used actual caramel and not caramel-flavoring.

I preferred the pumpkin spice over the caramel apple but, really, neither of them did it for me. Maybe my tastes have changed or something, I'm, not sure, but if you dig Peeps they may be worth checking out.

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