In an effort to get Baby Joel 'Yaklimated' to all of the great food we have to offer in the Yakima Valley, we like to hit up a different restaurant every week. This week, thanks to your recommendations, we had to have him try the legendary garlic butter steak tips and eggs at Mel's Diner.

This '50s-style diner has everything. Awesome breakfasts, great burgers, 'beefalo' (a cross between buffalo and beef) and everything in between. Mel's Diner's steak tips come with eggs, hashbrowns and toast. Since it was a weekday, it also came with unlimited free pancakes. You can't go wrong.

As it turns out, Baby Joel's wife is a huge fan of garlic butter, so he ate this awesome meal on her behalf.

Check out the video to see what happened and let us know in the comments below where we should take Baby Joel next time.

Check out the steak tips for yourself at Mel's Diner at 314 N. First St. in Yakima (near First and Lincoln).

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