I love to keep up with what's trending on twitter; they never let me down when I need a good laugh.

Today was no exception.

#ABCreports was a trending hashtag earlier this morning, so I clicked on it and found out that twitter was going HAM on the ABC News tv network because of a ridiculous tweet:

"@ABC What is Twerking? A scientific explanation abcn.ws/45T6cu"

A twitter hashtag takeover ensued! The onslaught of twitter hilarity is still ensuing (sp?) as I write this! Here is a sample of the latest: twitter wrath:

@ArmedPropaganda: "Oh No She Didn't!: What To Do If She Did" #abcreports

@msLAS Is He Brandy's or Monica's? Fifteen Years Later, The "Boy" Speaks Out. #ABCreports

@thedrebouie: Right Back v. Right Right Back: An in depth look at time management #ABCReports

@JeppyKeith: "Go get a switch" How black children have led to mass deforestation #ABCReports”

@YoShowtime HEY HEY HEY!! Peter Jennings sits with Robin Thicke to discuss all things that rhyme with "hug me" #ABCReports