A Yakima Fire Department Firefighter was injured battling flames of a house fire on Monday. Firefighters responded to the fire in the 7000 block of Englewood Avenue at about 2:15 pm Monday. When they arrived two people living at the home had already escaped the fire and were waiting outside.

Good news the firefighter saw only minor injuries from debris

A news release says a Firefighter "suffered minor injuries due to ceiling material falling and striking him in the helmet. He was evaluated and remained working on scene."
Firefighters say it was an extremely tough fire to douse because of the severe wind on Monday. They say the fire spread quickly to the attic but crews were able to surround the attic fire and keep it from burning the entire structure, or spreading to neighboring homes. The center of the roof collapsed into the interior, and there's significant water damage throughout the home.

Firefighters battled both the house fire and the wind

The wind forced fire crews to call a Second Alarm and for more help. West Valley, East Valley, Selah and the Yakima Training Center all sent an Engine Company. The Yakima Training Center also helped with the fire.
The cause of the fire is being blamed on an ember from the wood stove chimney landing on wood shakes of the home’s roof. The fire was then driven by the heavy winds on Monday. Damage is estimated at $200,000.
The two people living at the home were helped by The American Red Cross.

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