Tyga narrowly avoided jail time last week after agreeing to a settlement with a landlord he owed back rent, but he couldn't dodge some riled up fans recently who made it past security to yell at the rapper for, as they saw it, prioritizing the wrong relationships. In the video above, captured by TMZ, two women scream at Tyga as he exits Argyle nightclub in Hollywood, leaving the scene in a red Ferrari.

"He sold his soul for everything," one of the women tells the cameraman. "It’s about his son. It’s not about none of this." Tyga has a child, King, with Blac Chyna, who is dating Rob Kardashian.

It's a bizarre scene, that starts off with paparazzi hurling questions at a mute Tyga about a house in Turks & Caicos, money he allegedly owes a jeweler and more. As the celebrity news site reports, jeweler Jason of Beverly Hills has hired the same lawyers who represented Tyga's former landlord and reached the aforementioned settlement to file a lawsuit seeking $200,000 from unpaid deal in 2013. Seeing that the rapper paid to settle his debt elsewhere, the jeweler has now retained the same attorneys to seek a similar resolution.

Tyga has been hit with suits like this in the past, so much so that we compiled 20 instances of when he was perhaps splurging foolishly. Check that below, with footage of his strange encounter included up above.

20 Times Tyga Excessively Spent Money He Might Not Have