Tyler Perry is undoubtedly a recognizable face in Hollywood. The director has been a trailblazer with his Madea films and television projects. But while out in Los Angeles, Perry was approached by French tourists who thought he was one of the biggest rappers in the world.

In the video above, courtesy of TMZ, Perry was greeted by two ladies -- one of whom was French -- and they asked for a photo. The 47-year-old director happily obliged them. One of the woman then asked Perry -- "are you a rapper"?

Perry jokingly played along and said "Yes, I’m a rapper, I’m Drake.” The women seemed puzzled at first and Perry smiled and got into his car.

Hopefully, the cameraman told the ladies Perry's true identity. Either way, the women scored a rare opportunity of snagging a photo with a big-name celebrity.

And Perry does resemble Champagne Papi a little bit. Right? We're only joking.

Check out the video above.

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