**The World Trade Organization has ruled in favor of the U.S. in a dispute over Indonesia’s import requirements for a number of ag products, including U.S. beef.

The U.S. Meat Export Federation’s Thad Lively says Indonesia’s import restrictions were originally aimed at achieving self-sufficiency but actually resulted in tight beef supplies and high prices. He says the ruling gives both U.S. exporters and Indonesian importers confidence the market will remain open to U.S. beef, paving the way for significant growth.

**China may come to mind first when it comes to untapped foreign market potential, but India is right up there when it comes to ethanol.

As reported in Agri-Pulse, farm and fuel organizations aren’t just waiting for India’s production capacity to develop. They’ve been meeting with prospective Indian buyers, policy makers and others in an effort to lay the groundwork for billions in future exports.

India, which makes ethanol from sugar cane, is desperate to expand its use of the renewable fuel, but doesn’t yet have the production capacity or the infrastructure to make that happen.

**The economic benefit of U.S. grain exports, detailed in a new study, exceeds 55-Billion-dollars a year.

According to Brownfield, the Informa Economics study shows U.S. feed grain and grain product exports were worth just under $19-Billion-dollars in 2015 and supported 55-and-a-half Billion-dollars in economic output.

The study says those exports were linked directly or indirectly to more than 260-thousand jobs.

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