This new information from regarding the city of Union Gap is quite intriguing.

According to a study based on residents' income, mortgages, homeowner's insurance, and local property taxes, Union Gap is the most affordable place to live in the Yakima Valley.

Union Gap was the original location of the city of Yakima, so it is interesting to see how it has blossomed into a hubbub of small-town life with some big-city perks.

Trip Advisor says the top five best things to do in Union Gap are skating, the youth park, other aspects of Fulbright Park, the agricultural museum, and Fruit City.

Some of the other best things to do in Union Gap are shopping, eating, buying more stuff, and did we mention eating?

There's a Farmers' Market in Union Gap on Saturday, plus there's shopping galore, large grocery stores (including one that is open 24/7), a mall, car dealerships, a discount tire store, an indoor skating center..seriously, I could keep on raving about Union Gap. There is a lot of land for sale in Union Gap and the cost of buying a house is low (compared to other cities like Yakima proper, Moxee, Terrace Heights, and Selah).

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