Talks have already begun about how to put together a trade agreement between the U.S. and UK.

After meeting with President Trump Friday, British Prime Minister Theresa May said the UK is still in the process of extracting itself from the European Union, but stressed Britain and the U.S. are discussing how to negotiate a trade agreement quickly.

Trump stressed the importance of a strong relationship with Britain and lauded UK voters' decision to exit the EU, or Brexit.

The National Farmers Union President says President Donald Trump’s negotiating style could trigger a trade war, as he pursues bilateral trade deals with other countries.

Roger Johnson tells Brownfield, you can’t negotiate with a club. You need to be sitting around the negotiating table, having serious conversations.

He says some countries may stop trade if they don’t like Trump’s terms.

Johnson is glad Trump withdrew from the TPP and wants to see NAFTA re-opened.

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