With all you have to go through from dealing with customers, dealing with your boss, dealing with your supervisors and trying to cram a full-day's work into 8 hours each day, you deserve some time to yourself. Most businesses, you get a couple of weeks of vacation time and maybe an additional week of sick days to use as needed if you get a cold or the flu (thanks to co-workers who refuse to stay home and use up their sick days) but I think we should have days where, instead of going to work, we do something for the community and help our city. We should have charity days.

About 10 years ago I worked for a company that allowed you to put in community service hours in lieu of working for the company, with management approval. And we'd get something signed from the community organizer stating we were there for so many hours. That way we couldn't just skip work to play video games claiming we were helping.

I think this could be a great thing for the United States of America to encourage us all to help out around our town. It can be as simple as cleaning up trash at a local park, scrubbing unwanted tagging from buildings and landmarks or even helping out with a local non-profit for a few hours. It helps our city and is a, what we call, warm and fuzzy that you did something awesome.

Do you think we could use this? If we had, say, five days of charity days to use, would you use them? It's not necessarily a 4th week off or anything since you'd still be working. I think we could use it and it'd help promote helping out our community.

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