Eight out of ten people have cried at work.

Man Crying

So, what's making us cry?

The top of the list is your boss or co-workers.

No surprise there.

Personal issues spilling over into the work place was the next highest reason given followed by feeling overwhelmed by your workload, bullying, a client, and making a mistake.

I don't know about you, but the entire above list of situations has reared its head in my work time, but it never made me squirt tears, get all misty or blubber like a baby.

A career expert analyzing the data cracked that crying only a few times in the work place, which half of the survey respondents said they do, "...is still a few times too many. If the boss or colleagues are causing workers to cry, that's the sign of a toxic environment."

Full disclosure, I am in the group of 80% that have cried at work, but not for the above reasons.

Scouring the internet daily for ideas and inspiration, I will always stop and watch a video of a service member from any branch of the military surprise their family with an unexpected homecoming. I will bawl until I get a runny nose on those.

Every time.

Deeper dive here.

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