Could you just imagine if an ambulance got pulled over by the police for speeding through a school zone?

I dropped off my daughter Willow to school this morning and was on my way to work when a lighted ambulance darted out in front of the traffic. The ambulance put on its siren alert and immediately, every car on the road began to pull over as required by traffic law. I noticed that the ambulance quickly turned off its siren but had kept on its emergency lights. The vehicle began to creep slowly down the road and I stared in confusion as to why the ambulance wasn't driving any faster.

That's when I realized that even an emergency vehicle has to observe the school zone speed limit just like everyone else.

This makes perfect sense because one never knows if any children will be present and using the crosswalk to get to school.

When a regular car gets caught speeding in a school zone, the traffic ticket is doubled (and hardly ever dismissed in traffic court). An emergency vehicle driver would also get a speeding ticket, too. This concludes your "Useless Information" lesson for the day!

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