The movie, All Sorts, has been filming in Yakima these past few weeks. I had a session a week ago and my daughter and I had the chance to be an extra in the film a week after. Is being a movie star all that it's cracked up to be?

After signing up for the first session just for myself I got an email saying to be at the location at a specific time as you never know when you'll be needed. Even arrived early so I could be there if they needed help.

Then we played the waiting game.

We waited.

And kept waiting.

They didn't didn't need to use any of the extras for a good 5 hours after they got there as they were filming other scenes. During the time most would glance at the actors to see what they were doing or just sit quietly and read or check their phone. A few would walk around a bit or find a corner to chat among themselves making new friends.

However, once they were in use, they all had smiles on their faces. All of them. It was nice because you just went where they told you and did what they told you to do. In this particular set of scenes, we were just asked to stand in line and they filmed us as we were walking. They all had a blast as I did as well.

The next week my daughter was the extra and he had a fun time doing it. This involved a little drama but they made it fun and easy. Basically just directed the audience where to look, how to react and how to cheer. Easy enough and everyone had fun.

It was so cool to see what all goes into making a movie and like how volunteers are always the backbone of many organizations, the movie extras are a needed element of most films that you would never think of. And, although extras go unpaid, they do provide food and drinks as you wait and your name comes up in the credits so you can forever be immortalized.

Sure, most of the background extras may only get their shirt or a blurry shot of their face as the camera is focused on the actors in frame, but even still if another movie gets filmed in Yakima, I'd totally sign up again.

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