As the Marketing and Tourism Director, Union Gap's Eric Patrick knows that when most people think of Washington state, they think of the big cities like Seattle, Tacoma, and Spokane.

Smaller cities like Union Gap are often not on the radar but that he says is a big mistake.

As Patrick points out, Union Gap has a flavor all its own.

Despite its small size, Union Gap offers an unparalleled charm that appeals to outdoor enthusiasts and wine/craft beer connoisseurs alike.

Gateway To A Good Time

Speaking of wine,  Partick says Union Gap is the gateway to the many wineries celebrating Red Wine & Chocolate up and down the Valley this weekend.  More info on that great event can be found HEREWhen a idea includes bacon and cheese, there an excellent chance that it's a really good idea and that how you can describe Union Gap's Burger Week promotion.  From  Feb 27 to Mar 5th nearly a dozen restaurants in Union Gap will offer special deals and speacial meals featuring hambugers.  The event was a big success and its back bigger and better than.ever.

Union Gap is also on-board with National Margarita Day which is February 22.  If you want to practice up in advance, Serious Eats offers up a delicious recipie you can try at home.

It's All About An Amazing View

Finally, with the great weather we have been enjoying, Patrick wants to reminds us that we can walk off those half pound hamburgers with a hike up to the top of Ahtanum ridge.  Two trails, one a little more strenuous than the other, run about a mile up the hill out of Fullbright Park and the Central Washington Ag Museum.  Both give great views of the upper and lower valley and majestic mountain tops.

Seems like there's always something fun and delicious going on in Union Gap, and Eric Patrick has a monthly undate of activities.  Check out his latest visit.

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