I'm one of those DC comics fan that likes Zach Snyder. I am sad to see him go from the Justice League movie but his family is way more important than a "funny book" movie.

I know there are haters concerning his handling of Man Of Steel and BVS but I enjoyed those movies for what they were.

I was most anxious for the JLA on the big screen as it's my absolute favorite super-hero team of all.

I'd love to see the Satellite-Era League but that was the League of my childhood so I know that's not going to happen.

I think that cheesy "Legends Of The Super-Heroes" TV special from 1978 will be the closest I'll ever get to that fantasy.

Back to the current Justice League movie, Whedon is a fine replacement and I still think Justice League would've been Snyder's redemption movie so I still think the movie will be a great success.

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Michael Loccisano

I'm not a purist or crazy fan boy when it comes to the movies. I don't freak out and debate other fanboys on what's wrong or what's right with these movies. I enjoy them for what they are --- fictional characters that the writers and artists and actors and directors have free license to try and create the best stories possible with.

In the end, us fans will decide what works and doesn't work but I believe the creators should be given a chance to deliver the product to us before we tear them down.

Justice League is getting made, I can't wait and I don't care who directs it.

I just want a great story that I'll want to see over and over again, story first and special effects second.

Godspeed Zack Snyder, good luck Joss Whedon and NOW bring on the Justice League!

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