Jordan Peele’s fourth film as a director is on the way.

Universal announced today that it was releasing Peele’s next effort as a director on Christmas Day of 2024. At this point, Peele’s involvement is just about all we know about the film. Universal’s announcement of the film did not include a title, or a cast, or a semblance of a plot. We don’t even know if it is another horror film like this three previous efforts as a director, Get OutUs, and last year’s amazing NopeAlthough, given Peele’s career, another horror thriller is probably a safe bet (although it’s certainly not guaranteed).


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Universal also announced they were releasing a movie from Peele’s Monkeypaw Productions on September 27, 2024.

Peele’s fourth film will face some steep competition at the box office barring further changes to the release schedule. The third Avatar movie as well as the third Sonic the Hedgehog movie are both currently planned for Christmas 2024. Both of those movies are at least theoretically aimed at a broader and younger audience than a horror film of the kind that Peele typically makes, so perhaps that is where his movie could potentially fit into a busy holiday season at the movies.

Nope is currently available to rent or purchase on digital. Let the speculation about what this movie could entail begin — not that I think this is what Peele is doing, but he has hinted in interviews that he may some day make a sequel to Nope, his movie about a brother and sister terrorized by a flying saucer on their California horse farm. When one journalist asked him about a particular scene in Nope, Peele replied “I do think they will get more answers on some of these things in the future. We’re not over telling all of these stories.”

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