School is out for summer and your kids are too loud. No worries, here are a few places you can escape to so you can avoid the noise.

  • Public Library

    We have a couple of them in town. There's also plenty to read when you're there.

  • Walker's Furniture

    This may be a bit of a stretch and they probably don't want you loitering for too long, but I'm a huge fan of Walker's Furniture. Downstairs they have a Laz-E-Boy recliner section. Just test one of those out for about an hour.

  • Gilbert Park

    Yakima has plenty of great parks, but Gilbert Park doesn't have playground equipment. Use this knowledge to your advantage.

  • Tieton, Washington

    I've noticed the entire town of Tieton is pretty quite. Anywhere in that town should do, unless it's during Tieton Days or something.

  • Work

    When in doubt, if you can, fake that you have to go to work, lock yourself in your office and just chill as long as you need.

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