Ever since WandaVision wrapped up on Disney+ a few months ago, eager fans have questioned the possibility of a Season 2. Those speculations have mostly tapered off after Elizabeth Olsen — Wanda Maximoff herself — shared that there won’t be a second season because the show was intended to be a limited series. But things can change, and WandaVision's monstrous popularity could make Marvel and Disney reconsider the issue. Now, Marvel head Kevin Feige weighs in on the future of WandaVision in the MCU.

At the virtual Paley Dialogue session with Feige, an audience member asked if WandaVision will continue or if the storyline will evolve in different capacities (via Deadline). “Yes to an evolution of storyline; probably and inevitably in many different capacities,” responded Feige. While Feige isn’t explicitly denying a second season outright, he’s more teasing that the character of Wanda Maximoff will continue to appear in Phase Four outside of her own TV show.

Obviously, Wanda Maximoff will play a large role in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness next year. “That’s the first place where that story will continue but there will be other places,” Feige stated. It’s unclear what Feige means by “other places.” Perhaps he’s keeping the door for WandaVision Season 2 slightly open. After all, WandaVision had the third most-watched Disney+ premiere in the history of the streaming platform according to SambaTV.

From the collective responses from the cast and crew, we shouldn’t be holding our breath for a second season of WandaVision. Never say never, but it seems like the Scarlet Witch’s onscreen journey will continue as a facet of other Phase Four movies and series. One thing’s for certain — she has some unfinished business in the MCU, and we can’t wait to see how it unfolds.

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