Some people wait a lifetime for a moment like this — fifteen of them to be exact.

Last night, Ryan Seacrest signed off for the final time with the thunderous series finale of television staple American Idol, a behemoth talent show responsible not only for endless embarrassing audition tapes, the emergence of countless spin-off series (and the rise of the infamously honest, occasionally brutal judge Simon Cowell), but genuine, chart-topping talent. From the original Idol herself, Kelly Clarkson, all the way to last night's newly crowned (and last) winner, Trent Harmon, the show has supplied us with over a dozen formidable acts.

But the question is: Which Idol winner ultimately stands out as the show's best offering overall?

Place your vote in the poll below. We'll reveal the winner right here after the commercial break — err, on April 15.

Every Idol Winner's Face at the Moment of Victory:

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