Taking place on February 5, 2017, the next Super Bowl is only half a year away, which means in about six months, we'll be treated to the 51st annual Halftime Show.

Year after year, the Halftime Show has provided millions of TV viewers a spectacle of pyrotechnics, dancing and superstar musical performances. From Michael Jackson to Madonna to Beyonce, countless music icons have graced the stage, leaving in their wake a trail of career-making moments and, in some cases, controversy.

Now that we have confirmation that British soul-pop star Adele will not perform during the 2017 event, we can't help but wonder: Who should perform at the next Super Bowl Halftime Show?

While Lady Gaga sang the national anthem (quite spectacularly, we might add) during last year's Super Bowl, she's never actually performed for the Halftime Show, which means that with a new album looming in the near future, the timing could be pitch perfect for a Gaga-fueled show. (How amazing would "Edge of Glory" sound on that stage?)

Or what about Beyonce? Yes, she's performed twice before, including during last year's star-powered show—but she kills it every time. Similarly, we wouldn't mind seeing the Queen of Pop, Madonna, perform again, nor 2001 Halftime Show icon Britney Spears, who is long overdue for a spectacle of Super Bowl proportions.

Then again, there's always the opportunity to introduce some fresh blood to the Halftime Show stage: Taylor Swift, Rihanna, and Kelly Clarkson are all reasonable contenders.

So, who would you like to see rock the Halftime Show in 2017?

Place your vote below! This poll will end on August 21 at midnight EST.

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