My name is John Riggs and here are nine reasons I love Yakima -- using the first letter of my first and last name.

  • J

    is for Juice

    We have some of the best apples you'll ever find in the world right here in the Yakima Valley, no doubt that apple juice is huge here, too. Tree Top in Selah ships apple juice all over the place. We don't have to travel far to find it here.

  • O

    is for Occidental Road

    If you ever find yourself on Occidental Road in West Valley, maybe heading toward Apple Tree Golf Course, you'll find one of the better views of Yakima.

  • H

    is for Hops

    Hops is one of our largest cash crops for the Yakima valley and the reason why beer is so good. Bring on the hops!

  • N

    is for Newstalk KIT

    You can tell when a radio station has been around a while if it only has three call letters in its name. KIT has been on the air in Yakima since 1929.

  • R

    is for Rainier

    I think it's pretty cool that we can see Mount Rainier from most of the Yakima Valley. Sure, it's not as clear of a shot as it would be in Seattle, but the fact we can see it at all is pretty awesome.

  • I

    is for IPAs

    India Pale Ales are my favorite type of beer. Again, hosting 75 percent of the hops produced in the U.S., it's no wonder we have some of the best IPAs brewed right here in the Yakima Valley.

  • G

    is for Greenway

    The Yakima Valley Greenway is one of our premier parks in the Yakima Valley. Great for walking, biking and taking the kids to play. We love it!

  • G

    is for Goodwill

    Yakima's Goodwill has done great things for the community. Much more than just a thrift shop, they also provide job training for many here in the Yakima Valley.

  • S

    is for Seasons

    One of the nice things about living in Yakima is that we have four distinct seasons. Some seem to last longer than others, but we have the snow falling in winter, a cool spring, hot summer fun and a brisk fall.

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