There are only a few spots left for Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale. Make sure you get yours reserved before they're all sold out!
There are so many reasons why reserving your booth at Yakima's Biggest Yard Sale is a great idea.

  • The money you make is yours to keep!

    After you pay for your booth space, that's it. All money made after that is to put in your pocket. We don't need a cut of it or anything.

  • Goodwill will haul away your leftovers

    Didn't sell everything at the yard sale? No worries! Goodwill is on-hand to accept your donations.

  • We do the advertising for you.

    No need to post on Facebook, craigslist or hang up signs around town. We'll plug the yard sale on air and online and post around for you. You can still do that, too, but isn't necessary.

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