Given the film’s box office success and surprising - albeit extremely preliminary - Oscars buzz, it’s probably fair to declare 2017 as the year of Wonder Woman. And all this Wonder Woman excitement has fans asking: after we see the character again in this fall’s Justice League, what’s next for the star of the DCEU? Will she jump forward to the modern world in Wonder Woman 2? Will we continue to see her adventures unfold throughout the 1900s? Or will Warner Bros. do something really wacky with her character, like, I dunno, make her the villain of another DCEU movie?

Forbes (via
Heroic Hollywood) published a piece that examined the impact that 
Wonder Woman‘s success will have on the future of the
DCEU, and author Mark Hughes noted that
Gal Gadot was “also expected to reprise her role as Wonder Woman in the upcoming production of 
Flashpoint.” Hughes also turned to Twitter to add further fuel to the Wonder Woman fire:

Wonder Woman goodwill and immediately trade it in for a gritty version of Diana Prince? Fans fell in love with 
Wonder Woman because it was a cheerful, bright, and humanistic take on the DCEU. It seems strange that their first reaction is to turn Gadot’s character back into the superhuman tyrant of, say, Superman in 
Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. Much has been made of the new direction that
Geoff Johns and company are taking with the studio, so we’ll see what the future holds, but color me confused at the very least.

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