Censorship strikes again, and this time, it's affected one of the world's most popular music festivals. Earlier today (Oct. 24), the folks at BBC revealed that organizers for the London-based Wireless Festival have banned artists from swearing or wearing offensive clothing during the event.

According to the news outlet, a local organization by the name of Friends of Finsbury Park complained about the "noise levels, drug taking and anti-social behavior" they attribute to the event (Finsbury Park is where the festival takes place). Despite this, the Haringey Council decided against taking away Live Nation's license for the event. Instead, they've updated the terms of the agreement.

The new conditions of the license "request that performers do not sing or play any vulgar, obscene or banned songs or carry out indecent acts or make any vulgar gestures, actions or remarks" while they perform. The Wireless Festival organizers also ask that artists don't "offend the general public" by wearing clothes that show "the groin, private parts, buttock or female breast(s)."

While it's far from impossible for rappers to avoid cursing during their performances, this new rule will require that they reach deeper in to their bag of creative edits for their songs. After all, not every song is a single. The clothing part of these new amendments is probably a lot easier to navigate, but people looking to deliver a raunchy performance will have to revise their plans.

While these rules might feel like a bit of a drag, it doesn't feel like it will stop the Wireless Festival from collecting a roster of A-list performers. Last year, Drake took the stage for the 2018 Wireless Festival. So did folks like Lil Pump and more.

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