The medium of animation offers unlimited artistic possibilities. In a cartoon, nothing is off the table. If you can think it (and you can draw it), you can turn it into a film.

But sometimes imagination is in short supply. In other instances, there’s so much imagination on display, it can get a little overwhelming.

Below, we look at notable examples of both scenarios. We have ranked the 15 worst animated movies ever made, and paired them with ten of the strangest cartoons ever to emerge from the pencils and computers of filmmakers around the world. The weird movies you might want to check out for yourself; in the right mood (or with the right, uh, let’s call them “substances”) they can be a heck of a good time. The worst movies you definitely want to avoid. No amount of mind-altering chemicals or beverages can turn The Emoji Movie into a cinematic masterpiece. (Seriously, stay far far away. Or you’ll look like 😬 for the rest of your days.)

Here the are, the 25 weirdest and worst animated movies ever made...

The Weirdest Animated Movies Of All Time

These trippy and strange cartoons are decidedly not for kids.
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