Take a seat, Rebecca Black — there's a new joyfully tone-deaf, end-of-the-week anthem singer in town and he puts the 2011 YouTube phenom to shame.

In a preview clip from the upcoming new season of X Factor U.K., one Czech contestant pulls out all the stops — lots of jumping up and down and fog machines, to be precise — for his audition, singing his original tune, "Friday Night."

"Uh oh, you guys. Why do we have dry ice?" Nicole Scherzinger, judge and one-time Cats star, whispers ominously to her fellow panel members as a stage hand/producer/intern sets up a Halloween pop-up store-grade smoke machine in the corner.

Soon, we meet the X Factor hopeful, a London transplant and gym instructor/McDonalds manager whose "hopes and dreams" have spirited him to the audition stage. He's about to perform "Friday Night," which he tells Simon Cowell is about, um, Friday night.

And then, as a booming techno beat drops and fog sputters across the dance floor, he launches into what we can safely say is the best worst Eurodance banger we've ever heard.

"I was working all week / Nothing excited / I was waiting all week / So boring," the would-be EDM star monotones. "But tonight I will go out / Because it's Friday night!"

As Busshunter's enthusiastic but embarrassing cousin at the family BBQ hops across the stage, waving his hands over his head, the judges and producers succumb to the Jersey Shore club night vibe, each of them joining in with a little raise-the-roof action — yes, even Cowell.

"Yasss, I love it!" Scherzinger shrieks after bizarrely giving Senator Bernie Sanders this random endorsement while flexing her muscles: "Feel the burrrn!" (Jeez, there's a time and place for everything, Nicole.)

By the end of the audition, the entire X Factor staff is either dancing, singing along or standing on top of a table (Scherzinger, obviously).

We smell a hit. Also, is that fog machine burning?

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