It's a traditional Easter candy that some people love or they don't like at all. Marshmallow Peeps are abundant on store shelves this time of year, but a local bakery in Yakima decided to take the concept and make them better simply by making them themselves.

Essencia Artisan Bakery, 4 N. Third St. -- off Yakima Avenue -- is known for having great breads, pastries and sandwiches. To my surprise, they have homemade peeps for sale as well. Although you only get three for $2, I had to buy them.

I'm not a complete monster, I shared them with my kids. One of my daughters loved it, the other was indifferent and my son didn't even bother to try it. I placed it in his hand, then he put it back in mine.

I took a bite and they are far better in every way to the store-bought ones. Same concept -- it's fluffed marshmallow coated with granulated sugar. Since it's made fresh you could tell the difference in texture.

If you're curious, Essenscia should have some more, but not for long.