Finally some good news! Yakima Health Department stated that Yakima county is now in Phase 1.5, moving out of the dreaded 'Phase 1' we've been in for the past few months. It doesn't mean we're completely out of the woodwork just yet, but there are a few changes that can be implemented as soon as today.

We're still social distancing, we're still wearing our masks in public places or if we can't keep 6 feet apart from others outdoors, no gatherings with people outside our house, we're still not able to dine indoors, yet.

But on the flipside:

  • Dining at restaurants that provide outdoor seating and can keep social distancing and only with people from your same house.
  • Retail stores can be open at 15% capacity with the customer only allowed to shop for 30 minutes.
  • Churches can be open at 25% capacity or upto 200 people all practicing social distancing if you're not from the same family.
  • Personal Care (grooming, etc.) can be open at 25% indoor capacity.
  • Coronavirus isn't gone, there's still no cure or vaccine but hopefully with slowing down the infection rate we can resume a small touch of normalcy in our lives. Still wear your masks and be safe and all that and let's get to Phase 2 as quickly as possible.

    More info found at the Yakima Health Department website.

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