The Yakima County Prosecutors Office is anticipating a completed investigative report by next week in the hit and run death of 66-year-old Wendy Baker. She was struck by a hit-and-run driver who fled after she was knocked to the side of the road while biking along Summitview Avenue on June 12.

The Yakima County Sheriff says he's confident in the investigation

Yakima County Sheriff Bob Udell says "we are one search warrant away from wrapping up the investigation." Udell says "a fair estimate is one week to deliver the case to the prosecutor."
Udell says he and the investigators feel "very good" about the case and the possibility it could lead to an arrest and prosecution.

Prosecutor Brusic says he's ready to read the report and make a decision

Prosecutor Joe Brusic says he's met with Detectives from the Yakima County Sheriff's Office about the ongoing investigation. The decision he'll have to make is simple. Does the evidence support an arrest.  A witness at the scene of the crash was able to grab a license plate that lead to the discovery of the truck. It was found at a construction site in east valley.  The suspect vehicle has been in the evidence facility and the owner has been identified.

Brusic says there could be an arrest or the case could be dropped

Brusic won't say if he has had any contact with the owner and he won't say if the owner denies he was driving the vehicle on the day of the crash. It's Brusic's job to prove to a judge or jury who was driving the vehicle when the crash happened on the morning of June 12. If the prosecutor decides the case isn't strong enough to support an arrest there's the possibility the case could be dropped until further evidence and information is available.

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