When news was going around that they were sending some fighter jets to fly over hospitals to show appreciation for our medical staffs in various cities in Washington state it got a lot of people excited. The plan was they were going to fly over Moses Lake, then swing by Yakima before flying over Tri-Cities. 12:39 p.m. to be precise. And, right on time, at 12:39, Yakima caught two aircrafts flying overhead -- but wasn't what they were expecting.

Tankers. Fuel tankers. Big ol' lumbering fuel tankers that were there to refuel the jets that were supposed to be flying overhead. But where were they? At 12:39 p.m. the people who gathered around Virginia Mason Memorial Hospital were treated to a couple of slow moving C-130 aircrafts.

We couldn't even hear them moving! That's how slow they were. In fact, we couldn't hear anything from our vantage point. We did see something way up in the sky which could have been them, but who knows.

A helicopter would have been more impressive. And we see those landing at Virginia Mason all the time. Or bring back the Goodyear Blimp or something. Anything! Really! What ever happened to sky writers? They could have drawn a heart over the hospital. Or fly a plane with a banner thanking them. Seriously, anything would have been more impressive.

The news said we were getting the hare, we got the tortoise.

A few reports were saying that some jets did fly over a local hospital, but it wasn't Virginia Mason. They flew over Yakima Regional. But no confirmed sightings or photos or videos to prove it as of typing this.

Timmy grabbed some video. Try to contain your excitement. His little rock garden path or whatever at the very end was my favorite part.

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