Driving somewhere on this upcoming Labor Day weekend?
Good news about gas prices. Officials at GasBuddy says after a a rise in prices during the spring gas prices have declined every week the summer and are expected to be the lowest since March 3 and 20% lower than on July 4, at $3.79 per gallon as we drive into the Labor Day weekend.

At least the gas is cheaper than the last big summer holiday weekend

GasBuddy officials say prices this Labor Day weekend "will continue to fall slightly from summer highs, though remain over 60¢ per gallon more expensive than last year."
Statewide the average price of gas is $4.74 per gallon.

Fill up before you go because it'll get more expensive in other areas

In Yakima the average price is $4.49 a gallon. GasBuddy says this weekend is expected to be the biggest travel summer weekend since pandemic shutdowns in 2020. But soaring gas prices pinched driver wallets and many declined to take a major summer trip. A press release from GasBuddy says "gasoline demand on Independence Day weekend this year was notably lower than that of 2021, and the decline in gallons pumped in recent weeks advise that seasonal trends continue to push demand down for the unofficial close to the summer."

Expect more declines as the summer closes

“It was a dizzying time as gas prices surged ahead of summer, which caused many Americans to re-think their summer travel plans, only for the longest decline in gas prices since the pandemic to start providing meaningful relief,” says Patrick De Haan, head of petroleum analysis for GasBuddy. “As the sun sets on summer, gas prices are in far more familiar territory and could continue to decline well into fall, barring major disruptions from hurricanes and the likes.”
If you're traveling for the weekend shop around for the best price. GasBuddy officials say as prices continue to decline the price differences between stations can be extreme.

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