I have never taken a ride on a Greyhound bus, but I am well aware that there used to be a bus stop in downtown Yakima. Back in 2012, Greyhound switched its Yakima location to the AM/PM gas station on Fruitvale and 40th Avenue from the building that now serves as a satellite center of Yakima Neighborhood Health Clinic (602 E. Yakima Ave.). We just learned this week that Greyhound has moved the Yakima bus stop to Downtown Superfoods.

My first question was why does the bus stop location keep changing? My second question was where in the heck is "Downtown Superfoods" on South Third Street?

I hopped into the KFFM Mazda Mobile and set my GPS to find this place. Downtown Superfoods (316 S. Third St.) is a small convenience store situated next to the Yakima Democrats hub building.

The Greyhound bus will take you to Stansfield, Ore., and Seattle, and the buses now have free wi-fi! Click here if you need to book a trip on Greyhound!

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