We were hanging out in the U-District in Seattle a few days ago when I found ourselves at a dumpling restaurant. We heard great things about it so we decided to stop in for a new experience. I'm so glad we did!

The gimmick was what you see in the photo. They're steamed bread and, inside, you'll find different fillings but this particular restaurant prided themselves in their best seller -- it was a pork dumpling that also had soup inside. The idea was to poke a hole in the dumpling to let the soup pour out on the spoon so you can sip the soup and then eat the dumping.

They advised not popping the entire thing in your mouth as the soup would be too hot. Of course, I didn't listen and, of course, they were right.

They had plenty of other things on the menu, but these dumplings were an awesome experience.

Have you had something like this before? I think we need something like this in Yakima.

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