Yakima Rallies to Get a Community Pool at MLK Park This Saturday

Kids in the Pool
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The City of Yakima has a couple of community pools you may already know of, namely Lions Pool and Franklin Pool. There are many residents who have been working hard behind the scenes for years to get a pool installed at Martin Luther King Junior Park on the Southeast side of Yakima.

Martin Luther King Jr. Park is located at S 8th St, Yakima, WA 98901.

Challenges have been brought about by Yakima City Council members who control the pursestrings that could fully fund a pool at MLK Park. Some residents have beseeched Yakima County Commissioners to assist with the funding for this new pool, but each time they have been asked, Commissioners have reiterated that the pool is a city-funded venture.

Pool Steps
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Many in Yakima have had it up to HERE with waiting around and being patient for someone with authority to get this pool off and running. Community leaders have banded together to make a new and LOUD pitch to the powers that be to get this community pool up and running.

It's about [BLEEPING] time that the city of Yakima has a community pool in Southeast Yakima.

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We don't even care WHO funds it at this point, all we care about is that the kids that live in this part of town will have access to a pool and that admission fees will not be so high that the kids can't afford to go!

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This Saturday, March 26th at 11 a.m., there will be a public rally at MLK Park to get the attention of someone in charge, ANYONE in charge, or with community resources, who is able to help us get this pool funded.

MLK Park Yakima Needs a Community Pool
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