Kyle MacLachlan was on "The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon" to talk about "Twin Peaks" -- he and David Lynch showed the plot of "Dune" using all emojis.

He was able to show off what he called his "mini-Cooper," which is his figurine from Funco. From there he goes on to talk a bit about the time he hosted "SNL" and the fun he had on that show.

Kyle mentions that both David Lynch (director of "Twin Peaks") and he are both from the Northwest. Kyle MacLachlan is from Yakima while David Lynch is from Missoula, Mont. From there they talk a bit about "Twin Peaks" and finally play an emoji game to guess what other shows Kyle MacLachlan has been on.

In the same show Jimmy Fallon and Kyle MacLachlan play the game show "Password," too.

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