Westpark is turning into quite the trendy spot for new businesses. The latest spot, Bubbles and Co., features not only a selection of beer, wine and champagne but also features a small bites menu, Japanese and Korean snacks, ice cream and a favorite of many, boba tea (sometimes called bubble tea).

Since it's located on 40th and Summitview, right across from our radio stations, I popped over for a quick look and ended up buy several things on the way out. From the menu I ordered the Korean pancake which was light, a little flakey on the outside and warm on the inside with brown sugar. It was great.

My kids will love that they carry these Japanese interactive candies that you basically build your own gummy snacks and more. They love them as they're super fun. They also have favorites like Pocky and a nice selection of Ramune which is a soda that features a marble on top in lieu of a lid or bottle cap that you pop open. Those are great, too.

They also had a few beers on tap, some in cans and a decent wine and champagne selection that I'll come back for on another day.

There were other things on the menu I'd love to try. Again, another time and maybe I'll bring a friend or my kids along as they allow both indoor and outdoor seating.

Here's what I saw. Make sure you check them out at the Westpark shopping center on 40th and Summitview across from Yakima Shipping Shop. Follow them on Facebook.

bubbles and co

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